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Don’t live in the dark! XTorch was designed to keep you up and running in the event of a power outage, if you’re backpacking through the Rocky Mountains, or walking your dog at night.


XTorch Product Highlights

XTorch Product Highlights

  • SOLAR RECHARGEABLE FLASHLIGHT: The only rechargeable USB & Solar Flashlight Lantern that you can count on. In addition, it is an emergency, back-up phone charger. Reliable light & power for safety when you need it, anytime, anywhere. One device that does it all, whether you are at home, work, or camping. It is tough enough to be used around the world for disaster relief.
  • FLASHLIGHT – LANTERN – PHONE CHARGER: This is a “must have”, solar powered flashlight. It’s a rugged and durable design, with a LiFePO4, better than lithium battery – stays charged in storage for 3 years. This solar table lantern, hand torch light, and hanging tent light will make your fellow adventurers jealous.
  • DUAL CHARGING CAMPING LIGHT: There are two ways to charge this camping flashlight, either by using a USB adapter (cable and USB adapter not included) or sunlight. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge via USB or 22 hours in full sun. A full charge will power the light for up to 48 hours. The XTorch glows in the dark and it floats, and offers up to 400 lumens of light output.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LIGHT: The all in one, XTorch off grid, emergency flashlight, lantern, and back-up cell phone charger is ideal a gift for anyone. If they have a car, home or RV, if they hang out at the park, camp or hike, then this clip-on portable led light is ready to answer their needs. Be proud to give the gift of light!
  • SHARE THE LIGHT – 25% OF PROFITS ARE DONATED DIRECTLY TO CHARITY: XTorch founders Gene & Keidy, developed this torch flashlight to give the gift of light to children in developing countries, where reliable light and power is not always available.

XTorch product features

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  1. Brock

    I bought XTorch and I hike all the time and it’s perfect.I really enjoy it so I had to get 4 more for the family.It’s definitely worth the price.

  2. Rebecca

    I’ve used this light mite than any one thing I’ve ever purchased! I use it to feed at night, my phone charger wasn’t working in the car the other day, I took my torch and used it to keep my dead battery alive in my cell phone. This thing never goes dead! I never plug it in seems like, it lasts for such a long long time. We bought two initially, I just came in here to order 2 more for valentines days presents! Best purchase I’ve ever made and I say that from the bottom of my heart!
    Rebecca in California

  3. Paul K.

    We purchased (2) XTorch and are doubly happy with our purchase. It is well engineered & well made. Fits the hand, easy switches, intuitive use. Light is more than bright enough as a flashlight or a lantern. Charges our iPhones & will recharge itself if left in sunlight! It does everything it’s supposed to do.
    Both still work perfectly after having survived some rough handling and weather extremes. XTorch in my experience is old school functional, durable, simple & dependable. The added benefit is in supporting an Amazing Company that creates positive solutions and gives back. So nice to support a business with a heart. The folks at XTorch are a model for us all.

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