Share The Light

2 billion people live in darkness. That’s 1 in 4 people who live with little to no reliable energy.

Share The Light

XTorch founder, Gene Palusky, experienced the issue first hand while helping children in Equatorial Guinea (Africa) with his fiancé, Keidy. While there, Keidy became sick with malaria. In the darkness, Gene was forced to use a temperamental dying flashlight to check her temperature. Gene and a doctor friend desperately traveled dark back roads searching nearby villages (also without power) for the medications needed for Keidy. Finally by the light of a single candle, they managed to insert an IV that saved her life.

Gene and Keidy

This experience made the need for light in remote villages very personal for Gene and Keidy. Now their life passion is to get an XTorch into the hands of energy-poor children and advocate the humanitarian benefits of a solar-rechargeable light.

XTorch Helps With:
– Better education
– Increased productivity
– Reduced fear/greater sense of security
– Reliable health services
– Reduced dangerous kerosene fumes
– Saves cost on recharging phone batteries
– Less garbage, up to 10-year battery life

Because of Your Purchase:

1000 XTorch flashlights are being 
distributed to Venezuelan refugees on the Columbian border by 
Bethany Christian Services.

963 XTorch flashlights & 963 XTorch solar panels with charging cables are being distributed to Haitian children by Compassion International

XTorch flashlights are bringing light to children in 30 countries

We partner with Java Relief to bring light to dark and dangerous slums in Haiti. Java Relief roasts and sells fresh roasted organic coffee to raise money for children at risk around the world. They are a 100% volunteer non profit, that gives 100% of their proceeds to help those in need. Wake Up Do Good!


Get in contact with one of our team members today and we’ll work with you to share the light with people in need across the world.